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We have cared too much about other celebrity whereabouts to keep up much with what’s going on between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new relationship. For all we know, she’s back to her old ways sexting NBA players so who knows where this relationship is going, but maybe a few body language signals could alert us whether there is already trouble in paradise and maybe we should all move on from following this couple and take it for what its worth…a publicity stunt.

At the Stephane Rolland Show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France, you see Kim K. and Kanye pictured with French designer Stephane Rolland and singer/actress Bingbing Fan.

While it is obvious there is tension between the two in this photo, our analysis of celebrity couple’s body language tell us the following:

  • Notice Kanye’s hands in his pocket. When a man puts his hands in his pocket, it means they are closed-off.
  • Notice his stance. A closed stance like this shows that this guy is not ready for a relationship.
  • Also, pay attention to his facial expressions. Men typically show less emotion than women and, as a result, their expressions are often more reserved and harder to decode. This means, however, that when he does show an obvious expression on his face, then it is genuine and should be taken seriously.
  • Notice his negative body language signals such as lack of eye contact, poor posture and hiding of the hands. These gestures indicate that he is either insecure, uninterested, bored, keeping something, lying or nervous. Negative body language like this indicates he is anxious to get away for some reason. Kim notices this and tries to make him feel more at ease by shifting attention away from herself as you can see with her hand placement. She is trying to bring him back in.
  • Look at the direction his body is pointing. If a man’s body or certain body parts are pointing toward you, then there is a high probability that he is interested and wants to get closer to you. Pay attention to the direction of Kanye’s feet, legs, knees and face positioning. When a guy likes someone, he will subconsciously position himself in the direction of that person. On the other hand, if his face, legs and feet are pointing away-as Kanye’s is, then he is expressing a subconscious desire to keep a distance. This form of body language is a tell-tale sign that he’s not interested.
  • Notice in both photos he never gives a warm smile or look that signals a romantic interest. In both images he has a serious expression on his face. This is a sign that he feels like he is wasting his time.
  • Okay, we noticed this one from the BET Awards. Kanye never offered Kim a kiss or accepted one from her even when he won an award.

What are some other negative body language signals you are noticing in this photo.

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