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Sometimes life is hard to understand. If you have children, it just hurts because it’s so easy to relate to what Tameka Raymond is going through as a mother, as well as her ex-husband, Ryan Glover, and her other sons. Our heart felt condolences go out to the Glover/Raymond family. We continue to pray for strength and peace during this time.

Kile Glover has been taken off of life support two weeks after a tragic incident at Lake Lanier in Atlanta. This according to friends of the family, Frank Ski and Gregg Street, with Global Grind also confirming. Just two days ago, rumors prematurely surfaced that Tameka decided to take Kile off life support over some bogus reason not worth repeating. Those rumors were absolutely false.

But today we celebrate the life of an angel, Kile Glover…as Tameka and family would want him remembered.

Excerpt about Kile Glover from a Mother’s Day Letter written by Tameka to each of her sons:

Then there is Kile… My artisan, he’s Andy Warhol meets Bill Gates coupled with Justin Bieber and infused with Emeril. Now Lord, you know you clearly pushed my threshold for pain to new heights with that little guy. I really thought I was secretly being filmed for the pilot for “Fear Factor.” That birthing process made me realize that I was stronger than I ever thought I could be. In honor of him, I got a tattoo that reads “To defy with courage..”, written in Arabic. I actually have five (5) stars tattooed to denote each of my sons. Now, at 9 years old, he is fast becoming a well read, computer ‘techie’, who says he wants to be “an artist and chef since he’s “already a singer”. My son blesses me with his ambitious energy and his tenacity teaches me that you can do anything and overcome any obstacle if you simply believe and work toward that goal. {Source}

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