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Jada Pinkett-Smith Pens A Message To Tameka Raymond & Usher

Yesterday Jada Pinkett-Smith celebrated Jaden’s 14th birthday, and on that very day Jada received word that Kile Glover, the son of Tameka Raymond was involved in tragic accident. Being a mother, you can’t help but feel a connection of sorrow to another mother’s pain. So, Jada Pinkett-Smith penned this note to all of us with a special message, including her heartfelt condolences to Tameka Raymond and Usher.

July 8th… yesterday was the day I was celebrating the birth of my son only to find out that Usher and Tameka were dealing with the tragedy of their son. In honor of this precious child…tell someone today you forgive them, tell someone today how much you love them, tell someone today you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Thank someone for being such a good friend to you, thank someone for having stood by you when no one else did. Take the time to appreciate life today because NOTHING… is promised. Our prayers are yours Usher, Tameka and to all those who have put love into your son. To Blair’s family…our prayers are with you as well*. Be strong.

The Blair’s family reference is for Blair Holliday who lost his life due to a jet skiing accident on the 4th of July. Blair was a sophomore wide receiver at Duke University {…read more}

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