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As it seems the Jackson Family drama has come to an end, at least for now, with the return of Katherine Jackson, the discussions about the entire situation continue to go on.  I know personally it seemed all out of the blue and extremely volatile within a short period of time.  But a lot of people have spoken on the way Paris Jackson allegedly spoke to her aunt Janet Jackson.  While visiting with the folks of CBSThe Talk, singer Gladys Knight had a few words to share about the whole ordeal.

Being in the spotlight herself, Gladys says she does understand the need to control Paris because, after all, she IS a Jackson and that family is one of the most famous of all celebrity families. They just can’t go around spilling all the tea without any filters.  Gladys even steps it up a notch and lets everyone know that if it was HER household, Paris wouldn’t been talking back and cussing to her elders without some repercussions!  Check out the clip below: 


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