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Last night and way into the early morning, we partied the night away with the best, biggest and brightest celebrity athletes in Hollywood at the 2012 ESPY Awards After-Party in Los Angeles, CA.

After attending the ESPY Awards, we were treated to a post-party production with lavish food and drinks along with DJ Biz Markie spinning old school tunes.

The stage was set, but no one knew for whom. We got up close front row to the stage only to find out that Lauryn Hill would be the surprise guest. All we can say is that she brought down the house. Rocking a short natural look, not only did she look amazing, she sounded great.

After her performance last night, I no longer have any worry nor concern about whether she can make a comeback. Lauryn Hill is all good. Also, I no longer have any concern about what appears to be a decline of female emcees. As long as we have Lauryn around, females in R&B and hip-hop have no excuse-at least she is still somewhat in the game to give us a balance. Anways, she performed a medley of songs from her solo album such as “X-Factor”,”Everything is Everyting”, “That Thing”,”Lost Ones” and took it back to Fugees with “Oh La La La”.

As a side note: Lauryn Hill doesn’t have to create another new album (although we are begging her too) because her hits and we’re not just talking singles, but her hits were performed so beautifully in a way I’ve never seen them performed before. It was like hearing the song for the very first time and her music truly stands the test of time. She is one of the strongest, most powerful performers I have ever seen live. Lauryn Hill is a talented singer, performer and the way she orchestrated her live band she is also maestro. I fell more in love with her as a musical genius and she connected with a diverse range of fans. We were shoulder to shoulder with new Lakers player, Steve Nash and his new girlfriend, Britany Richardson in the front row and he was jamming along just like a fan, rapping word for word and was just as excited as we were to see her perform.

But enough for the Lauryn Hill swoon fest for now… check out a video clip from her performance at the 2012 ESPY Awards Post-Party:

[PHOTO CREDIT: Ella Bee Media Group]

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