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Chris Brown’s Community Service To Be Audited

Uh oh. This might be a time that Chris Brown needs to go on and have a seat somewhere and focus on this, and less on his “beef” with Drake.  According to the Associated Press, a judge has ordered an audit to be done of Chris Brown‘s community work, to be sure that he actually completed the hours he was sentenced to.  If you recall, Chris was sentenced to complete six months’ worth of community service as a part of his probation for domestic abuse against Rihanna.  Chris was supposed to complete his hours in Virginia, his home state, doing various manual labor jobs such as graffiti removeal and roadside clean up.

Via Instagram

It IS a good sign that Chris‘ attorney Pat Harris didn’t object to the audit after hearing about it.  The courts claimed to have received detailed logs of Chris‘ work in the past but that isn’t the case for the more recent updates.  Since he’s doing his service throughout Virginia it COULD just be a matter of paperwork at this point.  But that won’t keep Chris from heading back to court… 

The judge ordered Chris to appear at the next hearing, which will be on August 21st.  It’s been a while since Chris was required to appear.  Hopefully he sits on his hands and records music or something until then, because I’m sure he doesn’t want anything like the club brawl from last month coming up…

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