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‘Black Madam’ Padge Windslowe Charged With Murder Via Butt Injections

It’s no secret that today’s society values a woman with ample curves, especially a round derriere.  And with that knowledge, women (and in some cases men) have been getting involved with butt injections, to plump up their booties.  Some go about it via a doctor but too many others seek alternative routes that usually are performed by people who’s medical license was generated by Microsoft Publisher.  Such is the case with Padge Windslowe who calls herself Black Madam.  According to ABC News, the Philadelphia resident was charged with murder, after autopsy results showed that a 20 year old London resident died after attending a “pumping party.”

Aderotimi, 20, a London resident who was not a British citizen, complained of chest pains and shortness of breath after receiving the injection from Windslowe on Feb. 7, 2011, police said. She died at a suburban hospital.

Windslowe has been free for a little over a year while the county medical examiner’s office awaited test results from the Food And Drug Administration.  I hope she wasn’t performing any more butt injections while she waited.  And if you think that the benefit is worth the risk, I urge you to think again… 

The silicone that was injected into the victims butt migrated into her lungs, causing a number of serious respiratory problems, resulting in a couple weeks of agonizing treatment that culminated into her unfortunate death.  No beauty treatment is worth the risk, if your life hangs in the balance.  Yet another example as to why we gotta love what God gave us!

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