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NUDE Jada Pinkett Smith Bares It All Against Human Trafficking

Ever since living in Costa Rica while her husband Will Smith and son Jaden film a new movie together, Jada Pinkett Smith has taken to speaking out against Human Trafficking.  She got in the studio with her band Wicked Evolution and partnered up with actress Salma Hayek (who directed the vid) to make this new music video, Nada Se Compara, which means “nothing compares”.

About 83% of human trafficking victims are American born citizens.  In this year alone, 700,000 to 4 MILLION women and children will become victims of human trafficking, with most of those being forced to work in the sex trade.  Those are alarming numbers.  Visit Don’t Sell Bodies for more information about what you can do to help and check out the video below (there ARE shots of a nude Jada but no full frontal nudity, so you MAY want to consider it NSFW): 

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