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WTH! Tamar & Towanda Braxton Attack Jill Scott On Twitter

Celebrities just need to stay off twitter, or better yet, thirsty celebrities need to stay off twitter. According to Ms Jamerica, Jill Scott is minding her own business on twitter, and decides to tweet a shot out to Mary Mary to promote their new reality TV show on We tv. Jill Scott is featured in Kirk Franklin’s Smile video along with Erica and Tina Campbell of the group Mary Mary. So naturally because both Mary Mary and Jill Scott travel in Christian circles, Jill Scott would want to support their new show, and so she tweets the following:

Well, Tamar Braxton takes the tweet as a dig, and decides to send one of her third person alters after Team Jilly. Notice the tweet just says some real representation. It doesn’t say Braxton Family Values isn’t real, and in fact BFV is not even in season right now for Jill to promote. But that does not stop Tamar from thinking the tweet is all about her.  Moments later sister Towanda gets on twitter and starts attacking, too. Finally, Jilly being the lady of class that she is, shuts down Tamar’s ego with these 140 characters:

Somewhere in a corner Toni Braxton is shaking her head, and yes, Tamar needs to grow all the way up.  Just because Mary Mary is “real representation” doesn’t mean Braxton Family Values is not. Those subliminal tweets will get you every time. Anyway check out Tamar’s reply when you continue…

Reading too much into a tweet will get you in trouble… If someone didn’t @you, don’t take it too personal (Rule #4).

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