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Will Smith Says Raising Boys Is Easy & Marriage Is Indestructible

Say what you want about Will Smith but I personally love him. He just always seems like a genuinely fun and great guy that never let any rumors get to him.  Will sat down with Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood to discuss his upcoming film Men In Black 3 and what life is like in the Smith household.

“That Willow, she is, uh… See, boys are easy. Like, it’s really easy with boys. It’s like, until you can beat me in a fist fight you’ve gotta do what I say!”

LOL! I’m not sure that it’s QUITE like that but that’s probably not a far stretch, for most fathers with their sons.  Men In Black 3 will open on May 23rd, ending Will‘s three year hiatus from the big screen. I didn’t realize it’s been that long since he’s released a film! Glad to have him back though.  Check out a clip from the interview where he talks about his ‘indestructible’ marriage:

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