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Will & Jaden Smith Ask President Barack Obama About Aliens….And Get An Answer

Conspiracy theorist around the globe would have loved to have had this opportunity.  And according to Will Smith, his son Jaden is one of them.  During a recent interview with BBC Radio 1‘s Chris Moyles, Will shared a story about his son Jaden wanting to ask President Barack Obama about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

When Jaden asked his father about asking the president about aliens, Will shot him down.  He told him that it’s an embarrassing question and told him he wasn’t allowed to ask that. LOL  Well, once they got into the “situation room”, Jaden threw caution to the wind and started to ask. But President Obama, sensing what was coming, stopped him before he could ask and said “The aliens, right?” My president is psychic!!! Check out the clip and hear what President Obama told them, when you continue… 

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