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Wendy Williams Goes (Nearly) Makeup Free In Photoshoot

Whenever celebrities participate in makeup free or minimal makeup photoshoots, I get a little bit of happiness. I’m definitely NOT a makeup wearer (but on few special occasions) and never was a fan of how using it so much can make your true face seem so weird.  But xoJane got talk show host Wendy Williams to agree to do a makeunder shoot…and she looks pretty good!

It’s a lot different for someone who’s very being shouts abundance but she would pull this look more often.  It’s very relaxed and laid back.  Kind of makes me like her, if that make sense.  Even her tousled wig is kind of new for her but I think it looks great!  But you know Wendy had something to say about that:

Wendy typically wears wigs, but we decided to have her swap the bombshell waves for something less “done.” We were really pulling for something darker, black even, but Wendy wasn’t into it. “I don’t wear a dark wig,” she said matter-of-factly, which is when she broke out the,”You’re not going to play me like that.” Fair enough!

Check out another shot, when you continue…

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