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I try to ignore the racial comments about Trayvon Martin deserving to be killed because he looked like a thug. I ignore the claims that the media has hyped this case, although it began as a grassroots movement. I ignore the New Black Panther Party who think placing a bounty on Zimmerman is worth advocating in the year 2012. I even ignore the fact that an insensitive idiot thought it was humorous to put cross hairs on a hoodie, and sell it in honor of Trayvon Martin. But this new trend called “Trayvoning” isn’t something I can just ignore. Please come get your kids!

Planking is stupid, but for the most part it’s harmless fun unless you’re planking on a balcony 50 stories in the air and you fall. Trayvoning, however, just goes to show the depth of ignorance that comes in the age of social media. A teen was killed and his mother and father are still alive– mourning and grieving. Yet, teens are posting pictures of themselves in hoodies, playing dead next to some Skittles and Arizon Tea.

I agree with Clutch Magazine, whether or not you think Zimmerman was justified in his actions, I thought we all agreed that Trayvon’s death was an unnecessary tragedy. I guess now it’s more of a joke, or another twisted way of raising awareness for a case that already has a high profile. I give up! I refuse to believe there is such a thing…


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