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Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Settle Tax Lien & Will Star In A Sexy New Ad Campaign

If there’s any celebrity couple that just looks like they have fantastic sex, it’s these two. Singer Robin Thicke and his wife, actress Paula Patton, have worked hard to get the tax lien the IRS placed on them lifted and they’ve succeeded, according to TMZ.  The couple owed the IRS a little over $492,500. Yikes!

Robin and Paula have said they were working to get it resolved quickly, and they’ve done just that. Yay! And just in time too! According to Page Six, the sexy couple will be starring in a new ad campaign for Remy Martin V.S.O.P. cognac.  I’m not even a big cognac drinker but I would probably buy some after seeing these two do something sexy with it. What can I say? This is the first TV spot for the cognac brand and it sounds like it’s gonna be steamy: 

In the sultry spot, Thicke pursues Patton, dressed in a flowing Versace gown, as she slinks through a party at a mansion. Thicke climbs a staircase with two glasses of the liquor in hand, giving her a come-hither stare at every turn. The couple meet on the roof and . . . well, you’ll see.

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