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I may get some flack for saying this but Rihanna‘s free spirit kind of nature is something that I like about her.  At times it can be a little much, maybe even over stepping her boundaries.  But there’s no denying that this chick likes to live her life as she sees fit, which is commendable.  And now, in the latest installment of RiRi’s Adventures, we get a glimpse of how she likes to relax: by going to the strip club.

Rihanna posted some pictures of herself on Twitter having what appears to be a good time, after tweeting that strippers are the best stress relievers.  I’ll plead the fifth on whether I do or don’t support that view, but folks who know me can probably guess.  The picture above was captioned with ““#RoleModelSh*t #NaviSh*t”. That’s a huge stack she has in her hand.  Check out the other picture she posted, which is slightly NSFW, if you dare…

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