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Mariah Carey and her sister, Allison, have been estranged since 1994 due to a custody battle over Allison’s son. Mariah’s sister has lead a hard life dealing with addiction, prostitution, while being diagnosed with HIV. According to Allison during an interview with The Sun, she is now clean and wants to reunite with her famous sister, and meet her niece and nephew, Moroccan and Monroe. Allison, as seen in this video, has a beautiful voice like her sister but life choices lead her down a different path.

When Mariah did not have food, it was me who came and filled up her fridge. When she did not have clean clothes, I would pay for her laundry. “Mariah and our mother were so broke once they got kicked out of their apartment. I paid for a new place. I also rented the vintage Rolls-Royce that took Mariah to her first audition aged 16 or 17.

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The sisters used to be close but had a huge falling out in 1994. Mariah and their mother Patricia fought Alison for custody of her seven-year-old son Michael, claiming he was at risk in the care of his drug-addict mother.

Alison, who is HIV positive, admits she has worked as a prostitute on the streets of New York for many years — and adds that she used money from punters to pay for her sister’s food and rent when their family was struggling.

Now she insists she has got her life back on track, has been clean and sober for four months and has just started a job as a housekeeper.

Last night she begged Mariah, 42: “Please just call me.” Mother-of-four Alison, 50, said: “I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family. We may be apart now, and it has been many years since we last spoke. But to me, despite all the bad times and the arguments, she will always be my baby sister. I just wish Mariah would let me be her sister again and a proper auntie to her children. I know we have had so many problems over the years, but I want to reach out to her in the hope that we can make peace and mend the wounds that have torn our family apart.

Allison also talks about some of the family history that lead the two sisters down different paths. It seems Mariah grew up not being white enough, and Allison, not being black enough:

The star’s maternal grandparents moved to America from Ireland. When Patricia started dating their father Alfred Roy, who was of African-American and Venezuelan descent, her family disowned her.

Mariah’s parents divorced when she was three. The future pop star went to stay with her mother — a vocal coach and occasional opera singer — while Alison lived with their father, an aeronautical engineer.

Times were tough for both girls but Alison says her father was a great man who loved her. According to Alison, Mariah suffered emotional turmoil while she was growing up too. She said: “It still hurts me to think about how much pain Mariah was in.

“Things were not always as stable at home as they should have been.

“Mariah would sometimes be left on her own for hours when she was just a little girl. It sends shivers of regret down my spine to think how much chaos there was.”

Alison — who inherited her mother’s voice and had her own ambitions to be a star — says the pain of her childhood pushed her into prostitution as a teenager. For Mariah, her ordeal made her determined to make it big in showbiz.


Read the rest of the article via The Sun, Allison Carey Wants To Reunite With Mariah Carey.

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