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LMBO! Basketball Wives’ Producers Suing Jen For Trashing The Show?

Am I the only person that thinks it’s funny that the producers of Basketball Wives are counter-suing Jen for trashing the show? Is the show not trash? The producers want to file a lawsuit because Jen has been on a media spree calling the show a negative portrayal of African-American women. Again, I ask, Is the show not a negative portrayal of black women? Sounds like this suit needs to be dismissed on its merits already, because there is five seasons of footage that backs up Jen’s claim. Apparently, as a representative of the show, Jen is not allowed to speak out negatively against the producers or the show, even if they set her up to get smacked down  by a non-cast member.


Check out the rest of the details and be prepared to laugh at the frivolousness of the lawsuit against Jen

…producers are ready to take their own legal action after Williams went on a media rampage and blasted “BB Wives” alleging the show portrays African-American women negatively.

According to our sources, producers feel Williams’ show-bashing is in violation of her contract — which forbids cast members from doing any media appearances or press without approval, or speaking negatively about the show. We’re told they feel she is “ruining the brand” they worked so hard to build. {Basketball Wives Producers May Sue Jen Too}


ROTFLMBO! They think Jen is ruining the brand of the show by talking to the media. Not Evelyn jumping on tables with no shoes, not Evelyn throwing wine bottles at Kenya, not Tami sucking on sunflower seeds and spitting them out, not No Edges Nia slapping Jen, not Tami stealing Kesha’s purse, and that’s just this season.

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