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Kesha is a sweet person to forgive Tami Roman and patch things up after being bullied on national TV.  Tami takes one shot of some alcohol, and before the liquor reaches Tami’s stomach,  Tami turns into the Hulk,  and tears into Kesha over some remarks that happened weeks prior to their trip to Tahiti. But proving to be the better person, Kesha tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine that she and Tami are now on good terms. Even though Tami steals Kesha’s purse and intimidates her to the point of tears…

Find out how Tami’s heart attack changes the dynamic of her relationship with Kesha

After Tami’s health scare, whatever drama was going on between us was out the window. “I sent her an email telling her I hoped for a speedy recovery and was praying for her, and that’s the last I heard of it.

That’s nice of Kesha to reach out to Tami, but honestly, I would feel better about the situation if Tami was the bigger person, and apologized first. Royce said it best in her blog post when she calls the Tami V Kesha drama,  “A D*mn Shame!

Tami seemed as though she was trying to find something to get upset about and she chose a cough. From the way the girls were seated in the car, to laughing and making faces behind Kesha‘s back if you take a screen capture from that scene and mine from the van in Spain, it’s almost identical.

I’m not sure what happened to Tami, but this isn’t the woman I’ve gotten to know. To see these women gang up on someone who has done nothing to them is embarrassing. I say ganging up because NO ONE did anything to stop it. If you don’t say anything you then become part of the problem. Who cares if Kesha was scared to get in the ocean with sharks and stingrays, I don’t believe I saw any of your asses in a swimsuit jumping in the water either. How are you going to call someone else scary when at least they put on the attire instead of saying “Oh Hell NO” in confessionals?????  {Read the rest}


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