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Kenyon Martin ‘Stalker’ Walks Onto Court During Nuggets-Lakers Game

It takes a special kind of person to be a stalker.  And by special I really mean “crazy”. Do you know how many choices you have to make that are devoid of sense in order to be a stalker? Like, it’s tiring to me.  And you end up doing side-eye worthy things like this chick.  According to The Huffington Post, a woman by the name of Savannah McMillan-Christmas was arrested for wandering out onto the court during live play of the Denver NuggetsL.A. Lakers game on Sunday night.

McMillan-Christmas was arrested for investigation of trespassing and taken to a detention facility for booking, said Denver police Det. Todd Erickson, part of the security detail at Pepsi Center.

Erickson said he was at his post near the Denver bench when he spotted McMillan-Christmas stepping onto the floor near mid-court in front of startled Nuggets guard Andre Miller.

“I happened to see her walk on to the court and I thought, ‘Uh, oh,'” Erickson said.

She failed big time though.  Apparently the alleged stalker was looking for former Denver Nuggets player Kenyon Martin…who now plays for the L.A. Clippers. WRONG TEAM, DEAR!! LMAO!! Check out the video clip below:

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