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Katherine Jackson Discuss Conrad Murray, Says He’s Not Serving Enough Jail Time

As a self professed super fan of Michael Jackson, I admit to having moments when I just instantly miss him and even tear up. Yup.  But I really can not imagine what his mother Katherine Jackson goes through everyday.  Especially as the guardian of his children, Paris, Prince Michael and ‘Blanket‘.  But tonight, Katherine will sit down with CNN’s Piers Morgan to discuss Michael and her life without him, including her feelings on Dr Conrad Murray.

Katherine has said that she’s never met Dr Murray nor, to her knowledge, has he ever reached out to meet her.  And she’s also expressed her feelings on his sentence, noting that she doesn’t think four years is long enough.  You can tell this will be a really emotional interview; she appears sad and teary eyed throughout the entire clip.  I don’t even know if I’ll be able to watch without shedding a tear or two. Check out a clip, when you continue…


Catch the full interview tonight on CNN at 9 PM Eastern.

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