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Kanye West Escorts Kim Kardashian To Her London Perfume Launch & Looks Bored

MAN. If this isn’t evidence that they’re a real couple…LOL  We’ve all been there, ladies.  Wanting to go shopping or some other event and dragging your man along.  And he’ll go with you, for the sake of keeping peace, but he sure doesn’t share your enthusiasm.  Well, Kanye appears to be THAT dude right now, as he escorted girlfriend Kim Kardashian to her London perfume launch, according to The Daily Mail (UK).

But I gotta give it up to Kim. She is WEARING the hell out of that dress.  It’s classically sexy and I want it.  Especially after seeing how it accentuates the “assets”.  Check out the back shot and a few more pictures, when you continue…

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