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Embarassing Moments

Kanye West Almost Busts Out Of His Pants During Date With Kim Kardashian

In the little bit of time these two have been dating (what has it been…maybe a month or so?) they sure do seem to find themselves in a bunch of awkward positions.  Well, let’s add one more, shall we?  According to The Huffington Post, during a recent date night, Kanye West was exiting the car after dinner with Kim Kardashian when low and behold, his leather Balencia pants nearly dropped all the way off.

Apparently the two were headed back to Kanye‘s apartment when this took place.  Kanye quickly fixed his situation when he noticed but not before the paparazzi snapped his picture of him.  That’s not even a little slip.  That’s like a full out, I-can-see-your-package type of a pants fall.  Kim didn’t even notice and kept walking but it makes me wonder…

What was going on in the car to bring about this?  Those are some fairly tight looking leather pants.  And he has a belt on em… *SIDE EYE*

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