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Investigation Begins Into Tyler Perry Studios’ Fire

Late last night, firefighters in southwest Atlanta were called to Tyler Perry Studios after reports of a fire.  About 100 firefighters responded to handle the blaze.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, no injuries were reported in the four alarm fire, which caused a building to collapse but no structural damage occurred.

Dorothy Ware, a resident of the Asbury Harris Epworth Towers senior housing apartments next door, said she first learned of the fire from a guard who came around to alert residents.

The guard told anyone who had cars parked along the fence next to the studios to move their vehicles so fire engines could get in, Ware said. She went outside and described the scene.

“It was all in flames,” she said. “The building started popping. Whatever the fire was hitting, was blowing up. There were plenty of sparks coming over here where we are.”

The flames shot up as high as the trees, reportedly, which are about six feet in height.  Check out the new clip, when you continue…

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