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Celebrity Honors

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day, or Declaration Day as it was originally called, is a day they we enjoy but sometimes for the wrong reasons. Today is not just a day off  work, or a day to eat barbecue; it’s a day to honor the thousands of service men and women who have died in battle honoring our country, America. So this is the day that we remember those who have passed. Today is the the day that we can also say thank you to those who are currently serving by proudly waving our flag.

In the words of President Obama in his Memorial Day Prayer:

Today, we join together in prayer for the fallen. We remember all who have borne the battle, whose devotion to duty has sustained our country and kept safe our heritage as a free people in a free society.

Though our hearts ache in their absence, we find comfort in knowing that their legacy lives on in all of us — in the security that lets us live in peace, the prosperity that allows us to pursue our dreams, and the love that still beats in those who knew them. May God bless the souls of the venerable warriors we have lost, and may He watch over the men and women who serve us now. (Amen!)

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