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Friday Funnies: Serena Williams, Rap Star

If I said it before, I’ll say it again: Fridays always seems to bring out the crazies. Perhaps it’s something in the universe.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to discriminate against celebrities.  Tennis star Serena Williams received some kind of crazy vibe and has decided to pursue a rap career.

Yeah, you read that right.  No, I’m not kidding.  The good people at TMZ got their hands on a clip of her song. No word if she’s gonna change her name to something like C. Rena or some other rapper-ish name but…I don’t know. She does have a good voice for rapping and her flow is nice but….umm…someone needs to help her with lyrics. “I cook the track up like a frozen pizza/Beats so crazy it might blow yours speakers/I ain’t never been a loser/And I’m always on top, roofer


Peep the clip below:

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