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Friday Funnies: Celebrity Twitter Picture Edition

It’s the Friday before Memorial Weekend and it’s looking like there will be no lack of laughs and WTF moments because of the holiday.  As I was surfing through the Twitterverse last night (follow me here!), I came across a couple of pictures that made me just take a minute.  First up to bat, actor and former host of Reading Rainbow, Levar Burton.

Levar posted this picture of what appears to be a new tattoo last night.  When you tilt your head to the right, it says Levar. But…if you tilt your head to the left, it says…Kunta.  As in Kunta Kinte, his slave character from the classic film Roots. My first reaction was confusion, as I felt a little bit of my childhood innocence slip away.  Then I laughed.  Then I understood, because that role was a vital part of his career. But then I laughed again.  Then, not to be out done, Kim Kardashian posted this picture of her brother Rob Kardashian and brother-in-law Scott Disick taking a nap at the airport: 

MAN!!! Talk about nuts in your face!!! LOL

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