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The case is over for now, even though there is a lengthy divorce proceeding ahead. Deion and Pilar Sanders have been cleared of domestic abuse charges, and the children will not have to take the stand. Pilar is not allowed to use corporal punishment as discipline on her children, unless she is spanking them on the bottom with her hand, due to other violent incidents with the boys. Deion will maintain custody of his sons at his Proper, TX Estate, and Pilar will get custody of their daughter and will need to find another place to stay. The fight is over, and Pilar will have to move out.

Deion Sanders leaves the court wheeling a giant statue, and when asked for a comment, he replies, “God is good!” According to Pilar and her friend, Dee Boswell, Deion uses the statue to hit Pilar over the head, smashing her thumb in the process. Deion and his lawyer brings the nearly six feet statue into the court to show how ridiculous Pilar’s version of the events are. Pilar also tells the court that Deion repeatedly choked her and threw her down stairs and against the glass doors. Given Pilar’s violent history, I don’t think the judge believes her version of events. However, the judge drops the domestic violent charges against Pilar because Deion wasn’t hurt nor did he suffer any pain. The judge calls the incident a simple assault.

If you want to read more play by play details of the court hearing, go to Dallas News Crime Blog, (more details than TMZ)



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