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Deion Sanders took the stand this morning to testify in a protective order hearing extending from a domestic abuse dispute with his wife, Pilar Sanders, on April 23rd. According to Deion Sanders, wife Pilar became upset after finding out that Deion Sanders asked school administration to prohibit Pilar from picking up their 10-year old son from school, because the son was “scared to death” of his mother, who had become abusive.

When Pilar Sanders came home, Deion and his youngest son were in the closet packing for a trip. Pilar asked to see her son. After being told to wait, Pilar became irate and began screaming and yelling to see her son. Deion Sanders immediately called the police. Deion Sanders also said he was locked in his room, but eventually unlocked the door to talk with Pilar. He claimed that’s when Pilar knocked open the door and started kicking, biting, and scratching him. After a busted lip, Deion said he pinned Pilar’s arms to her side, screamed at her, “Get out of my house.” By this time police arrived and arrested Pilar Sanders.

After Deion finished his testimony, Pilar’s lawyer revealed she secretly recorded the incident O_0 (*whispers set-up*)…The lawyer asked Deion if he wanted to take anything back or change his story. Deion declined, and the tape confirmed much of his story. Check out what was revealed in the recordings…

The court listened to about 28 minutes of audio recorded by Pilar. She can be heard repeatedly asking to see her younger son because she hadn’t seen him in days. Her older son is pleading with her to leave. Then Pilar uses an expletive. She can be heard screaming multiple times, then there’s a crash, and Deion yelling over and over, “Get out of my house!” The yelling back and forth continues. Pilar calls him an adulterer, a punk and a little girl. He keeps repeating, “Get out of my house, please. Get out of my house.”

Prosper police arrive about 25 minutes into the recording. After the recording was played, Larry Friedman, Pilar’s attorney, asked Deion if he wanted to change his testimony. Deion said no. Friedman asked whether Deion hit his wife. Deion said no. The recording, he said, “validated everything I said.” {via Dallas News Crime Blog}



Deion testified that he and his 10-year-old son were in his closet packing for an out-of-town trip on April 23 when his oldest son came in, saying that Pilar wanted to see the younger son.

Deion Sanders said they’d be out soon.

Five minutes later, he testified, he heard his wife screaming, and the couple’s oldest son saying, “Mommy, no you told me you weren’t going to do this.”

When she came into the room, he testified, he asked her to get out.

“She started screaming and cussing me out as usual in front of the kids,” Deion testified.

He said he locked the door to keep her out and that she started kicking it, demanding to see their son.

Deion testified that he called 911.

He said he then opened the locked door a crack. “She kicked it really good and knocked it into my shoulder,” he said. “I grabbed her, turned her around, pinned down her arms and carried her out.”

He denied slamming her against a wall, denied choking her, and denied hitting her.

He said there was no glass broken, refuting earlier testimony from a piano teacher who said she heard glass break. He also said both boys were in his bedroom area during the confrontation.

He said Pilar was kicking as he put her down and that she knocked over a statue outside the door. He said Dee Boswell, a friend of his wife’s, was outside the door and surprised him. He said she had a camera phone, and he knocked it out of her hand.

Boswell then started hitting him, he testified. He said he stepped on her phone out of anger.

“I crushed it,” he said. “I stepped on it again.” He said he then threw it into the back yard.

Deion Sanders said he had recorded the April 23 incident. Pilar Sanders’ attorney Larry Friedman asked that he produce the recording. The judge overruled that request.

Deion Sanders also testified about a confrontation in January when police were called after a fight between his aunt, Laura Jones, and Pilar. He said his wife ran out of the house with two knives in her hands and Jones’ dress, which she’d ripped off. After she dropped the knives, police handcuffed her and placed her in a squad car.

Deion Sanders testified that he went to the car to see if she needed anything.

“She said, ‘Can you get me my shoes and some lip gloss?’ I said, ‘At a time like this you’re worried about your Ugg boots and lip gloss? This is pathetic,’ ” he testified.

He said he got her the boots but not the lip gloss. She was later released.

He briefly described an incident in early April when Pilar tried to snatch the couple’s son out of his room and he called police. Deion Sanders said his estranged wife also insulted his 18-year-old son late last year when he was visiting the couple’s home.

Friedman objected to the athlete’s testimony multiple times on grounds of heresay, irrelevance and leading the witness.  {Deion Sanders Testifies In Court; Secret Audio Revealed}


That’s why the children were involved because it started with the kids…Pilar Sanders will take the stand next, so stay tuned for more updates…

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