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Chris Brown Asks STANS To Stop The Death Threats…

Every time Chris Brown does something someone has something negative to say. He did the crime and he will forever have to pay for his consequences, that’s part of life, but the cyber bullying needs to stop. I understand when Pink complains about Chris Brown lip synching because she is a fellow entertainer who dances and sings live every time. Pink gives her all, and she knows what it is to perform. But why does Victoria’s  Secret model Chrissy Teigen thinks it’s alright to take a stab at a musician singing and dancing then get upset when she receives backlash. Yes, Chris Brown has STANS, and unfortunately stans of celebrities are crazy and out of control, but why is Chrissy on twitter taking shots at Chris Brown in the first place. Doth she sings? Chris Brown is not his stans, but it’s not a good look for Chris Brown when his stans send out death threats via twitter:

Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats!  I know y’all bout that life but it’s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims! And that only furthers their pointless existence!

If Chrissy Teigen wants to take aim, why doesn’t she talk about the fact that John Legend only sings the one song with different words, sounding like one long negro spiritual in concert. Don’t get me wrong, I like John Legend, but I wish he would dance or do something creatively different when he performs. One man, one song, and one piano is not a concert you want to go to often. Seen it!!! *just kidding*

My point is when you do or say something negative deal with the consequences and own up to it.  I have been attacked by many stans, but only when I’m throwing shade. Chrissy Teigen is throwing shade, plain and simple. Chrissy Teigen is allowed to have her own opinion, but when that opinion is offensive or hurts someone else please don’t act shocked when your opinions are rejected. Chrissy is out of line for starting the twitter drama and I wish mainstream media would call her out for it, instead of acting like she’s a victim. Obviously she’s a big girl, she’s able to diss a craft she doesn’t do, so surely she can ignore mean tweets and not engage in the negativity she started. These stans on twitter need to dial down the fury a notch or two or ten because these celebrities do not care about you. Beyonce will not ask you your favorite color or how did your day go. They really only see you as dollar signs funding their career.

Lastly, celebs need to stop picking on Chris Brown. He is an easy target, I get it.  However, if you really want to stand up for violence, start by not bullying anyone on twitter, and secondly use your “modeling” skills to promote a just cause that reaches millions in a positive way. It’s becoming too easy to create publicity by attacking Chris Brown, Rihanna, or Lil Kim. If you’re going to talk about someone’s talent, just know as a model, a Victoria’s Secret model, you are going to receive some mean jokes. No offense to models, but hey.

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