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In Case You Missed It: Will Smith SLAPS Reporter Over Kiss

Will Smith SLAPPED a reporter!!! I must admit when I first caught wind that Will Smith slapped a reporter in Moscow during the premiere of Men In Black 3, my first thought was Will Smith who? So naturally I had to see it to believe it because Will Smith does not slap people. Sure enough the Men In Black star did in fact hit a reporter in the face, and if you ask me the reporter deserved it. Check it out for yourself:

So why would Will Smith slap a reporter? Because the man in the picture above tried to kiss Will Smith in the mouth by force. The whole exchange was caught on tape. I’m sorry, but am I the only one that thinks it’s foul for a stranger to try to kiss you in the mouth during a sneak attack? Uuggh where has his mouth been! Check out the video when you continue…

Male or female, that’s just not right! What are you thoughts???

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