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10 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging

I just wanted to share a few things that I learned from blogging because as a blogger we are sometimes misunderstood. I hope this helps other bloggers, so they know they’re not alone. With so much competition it’s hard finding your voice and keeping it over time. So here’s my list of things learned:


  1. Everyone will post the same stories. Even if you are the first to post, someone will follow suit. Even if you have a true exclusive, someone else will claim it, too. People don’t go to their favorite blog to get the news. They go because they want to get the blogger’s spin on the news. If you like details you’re going to visit The YBF or Necole Bitchie. If you like a fresh perspective you will visit C&D or Sandra Rose. If you need a laugh or you want the honest truth through humor you have Miss Jia and Kid Fury. If you like forums and secrecy, Lipstick Alley or Baller Alert. If you want pure coonery and nonsensical tabloid drama, well you know,  MTO fills that void.
  2. Just because you link, doesn’t mean everyone else will link back, too. Enough said!!! It is what it is…
  3. People will talk about you just like in real life. If you have an opinion about something or someone, just expect that people will have an opinion about you. Bloggers are not exempt from criticism. People will talk about your looks, your grammar, your bank account, and in some cases your personal life and criminal record. Oooh! Don’t talk about a celebrity with a stan-base. Those crazy people will come after you. Rihanna Navy, Team Breezy, Barbz, Honey Bees, Monsters, and whatever else they call themselves, they will come to slay. BEWARE!
  4. Subliminal shade is real, and so is blogger beef, but don’t fall into the trap. Unless someone @ you, don’t get involved with the shade or lack there of. If another blogger can’t contact you personally, then most of the time it’s not worth addressing on twitter. My e-mail address is listed as is most bloggers. If you have a problem, contact the other blogger, first, before assuming the worst in them. I have misread posts, where I thought someone was taking a dig at me, but ultimately e-mailed them directly, and usually I read too much into the post or the tweet. With that said, someone is going to think this is subliminal shade, but really it’s not. I do e-mail people I have a problem with.
  5. You can’t please everyone!!! No matter how fair or objective you try to be, someone will read it wrong and be upset with you. There is no such thing as objectivity when it comes to Basketball Wives, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz, Fantasia or R Kelly. There will always be a fight. Apparently peeing on kids shouldn’t affect albums sales.
  6. Don’t count other blogger’s coins. The metric for making money is not straight forward. So many factors go into a blogger’s pocket book, including pageviews, comments, niche market, appearances, twitter followers, and partnerships. Just because they don’t have a high Alexa Ranking doesn’t mean they are not making money, and vice versa. Just because they make six figures, doesn’t mean you will too. However, there are plenty of ways to add to your revenue as a blogger. Google it!
  7. Give credit to where credit is do. There is NOTHING wrong with being supportive. I am PROUD of so many of my fellow bloggers. Also find a person you can trust. I have one blogger that I turn to when I get upset, or if I have a question. I have another blogger I turn to for business advice or rumor control. Not everyone will be your buddy, but find someone who will help you. PLEASE HELP others, don’t be stingy with your advice.
  8. People DON’T always leave comments when you want them to. Even if they read a story on your blogs first, they will still save their comments for another blog. Don’t stop writing and don’t stop asking questions. Eventually they will come…or not. I have people tell me how much they love my blog, and yet they have never left a comment. Some bloggers are just better at sparking conversations than others. They just are…
  9. It takes time to build a brand. Don’t give up! Three years ago I wanted to sell my blog for a few pennies. Once blogging becomes a business, it’s not always easy. I am glad I didn’t sell my blog then because now it’s worth ten times the amount I would have sold it for. I think about quitting, but I do this now because of my readers. You grow so fund of your readers over time, and you appreciate their loyalty. Remember, many of the top blogs have been around for nearly five years or more, and some have blogged before and failed before trying again.
  10. Anyone who has something negative to say about bloggers, obviously never blogged. Yes, we are opinionated, but we also provide an outlet for black news. We promote movies, books, songs, videos, fashion, shoes, purses, lip gloss, TV shows that other news outlet aren’t even trying to deal with, and some blogs do it for free. There is always a negative and a positive side in entertainment. But when mainstream media is ignoring  certain products or talent, there is a blogger out there ready to vouch for or promote whatever someone is selling. Ask Tyler Perry, he knows the value of blogs.

There is so much more that I’ve learned, but these are my top ten. Oh, and even if you’re an English major you will make plenty of grammar mistakes. Just keep writing and ignore the grammar Nazis. Bloggers are journaling and not journalists. Our thoughts are on display as we think, and yes there will be mistakes. Not an excuse, just the reality of the situation. Sometimes they will be corrected and sometimes not. No editors, just straight unfiltered opinions.

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