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You know, I probably wouldn’t mind this same “homeless” problem. Singer Will.I.Am opened up to Britain’s The Time Magazine to share on his current state of homelessness and why he’s happy with it.  Will.I.Am has been traveling and living on the road for the past 12 years, with only hotel rooms to call his home.

Will has apparently never invested any of his cash into owning property and has no plans to make that change anytime soon. He’s currently in London, shooting U.K. version of The Voice and is well adjusted to life on the go.  That’s actually not a bad deal. Maid service every day…room service whenever you want…no grass to mow or other homeowner problems to deal with. He just might be onto something.  Will.I.Am also shared that he never takes a vacation.  But not for the reason you would think…

“My lastvacation? I don’t go on vacations. What, to do nothing? No, my life is a vacation.”

Well, I for one, am NOT mad.

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