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PHOTOS: Lauryn Hill In Concert; Plus New Comer Rita Orta

Lauryn Hill hit the stage at Indigo O2 in London with freshly cut hair.  Before performing Lauryn Hill lets the crowd know that the old Lauryn Hill is back. The new Lauryn Hill received some bad reviews due to her excessive tardiness, erratic and eccentric behavior, and unnecessary remixes to the great Lauryn Hill classics:

It’s been a long time coming…A lot has happened and I’ve missed you, but we cut through so we can get back to doing what needs to be done.

Reportedly, the concert in London is one of Lauryn Hill’s best performances in a over a decade.

Back in the states, new comer Rita Ora of Roc Nation hits the stage at Q102 FM WIOQ’s iHeartRadio Theatre for a local concert in Philly. I am late to join the Rita Ora band wagon, but I just love her latest song, R.I.P…Check out a few photos of the “Poor Man’s Rihanna”  aka Rita Ora when you continue…*whispers* rumor has it that she is now dating Drake after her recent break-up with Rob Kardashian, but that’s just a rumor or good PR… 😉


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