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Mike Tyson Shares With Conan O’Brien Why Jesus Reigns Supreme

You know, I have to say, Mike Tyson seems like he’s in a good place in his life in recent years.  And after his stint on Funny Or Die a few months ago with the Herman Cain sketch, I was surprised to see he had a humorous side to him.  Well, I guess he really DOES have a good sense of humor and is ready to share it with people.

Mike stopped by the Conan O’Brien show last night to promote his show in Las Vegas, Undisputed Truth.  This one-man show is only running for the month of April so if you’re headed to Sin City anytime soon, go check him out.  But while on Conan, Mike shared that he wants to write a book, especially to write a chapter on why he believes Jesus reigns supreme.  And as a Muslim, that would be an intriguing chapter to get into.  Here why he says he KNOWS Jesus rules, when you continue…


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