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So…Dezmon Briscoe, Royce Reed’s new boof *in my my Beyonce voice*, has a baby mama named Christina Nero. Well, Christina Nero decides to put Dezmon Briscoe and Royce Reed’s relationship on blast via twitter. Christina claims Dez has been sending her racy texts messages trying to get back with her *whispers in the bed only* and then posts those texts online for all to see. How tacky is that?

Even if the very sexually graphic texts are real, what type of person would do that? Must be someone who’s jealous, desperate, and insecure. Anyway, Royce Reed calls Christina out about the texts and accuses Christina of faking the texts just to stir up drama. It looks like Royce may have a point. The whole thing seems quite suspicious, and I kind of  agree with Royce that the texts are fake. I am sure by now, Royce has ordered a copy of this man’s cell phone records, and is comparing the time stamps as we speak. (Read the juicy texts and check out more the story at Black Sports Online)


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