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Dwayne Johnson Is The Next Reality TV Star

WOO LAWD!!! This post is taking me about twice as long to write cuz I keep stopping to wave my hands in praise over the possibilities!! Actor and my personal heartthrob Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has landed a role on a reality TV show, according to Variety.  The Hero is a competition show that will use a heavy integration of social media to locate the next great “hero”.  This means we the people get to decide who has what it takes via social media outlets like Twitter

Dwayne will appear throughout the show has a motivational host of sorts, as participants compete in tasks that challenge their physical strength and character.  I’m praying that this means we’ll see a lot of shots of Dwayne just being all strong and powerful…and possibly sweating…*ROCKS BACK AND FORTH*  The show will be produced by Given Silverman, who’s responsible for shows like  The Biggest Loser and Fashion Star.  So what makes Dwayne such a great candidate to appear on the show?  His Social Media greatness.  Check out these stats:

The thesp has aggressively promoted his own social media presence since returning to the WWE last year that lead up to him headlining “WrestleMania 28,” in Miami on April 1. Johnson currently boasts more than 9.1 million fans on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and consistently grows his fanbase with 28,000 new followers per day on both Twitter and Facebook.

GOOD. LORD.  Well, I can’t blame them!

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