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Discussion: Mary Mary Fights Over The Pole: Erica V Tina On Pole Dancing

The Campbell sisters, Erica and Tina get into a bit of an argument over pole dancing. I understand the point both sisters are trying to make when they are confronted with the pole, a very popular way of exercising. Tina decides to opt out because she’s one half of Mary Mary and feels that pole dancing is too sexual plus the the media will have a field day ripping Mary Mary apart for the sexual behavior. Erica on the other hand sees it as harmless fun amongst women, and as a married woman, there’s no harm in participating. Honestly, I can’t take sides. Mary Mary does have an image to uphold and young Christian women look up to that image, on the other hand, they are both married women with children and we all know how they got those children. Nothing wrong with keeping the body fit and the marriage spicy.

What do you think? Should Christian women get on the pole?

Watch how it unfolds on Thursday nights at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

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