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In Case You Missed It: Brian McKnight Wants To Teach You About Your ‘P***y’

Last night, R&B crooner Brian McKnight tried his hand at making himself a trending topic.  And it worked.  Brian decided he was going to make an “adult mixtape” and in doing so, released the first song he’s completing.  And Twitter went crazy.

The song is called Let Me Show You How Your P***y Works. Yes, I’m serious.  Brian pleads about letting him show you how to work it, over a track that sounds like it’s more at place on a Georgia Mass Choir CD than anything.  I just…I mean, I GUESS I know what he was going for…but he doesn’t have it yet.  Maybe he should just let other people handle the raunchy.  Or at least seek them out for advice before something like this happens.  Watch the video (If you’re at work, turn your speakers down because he DOES indeed say the P word), when you continue…



Maybe this will help him get Verified on Twitter….

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