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Whitney Houston Signed Will Back In 1993 A Month Before Bobbi Kristina

Whitney Houston love just still amazes! A month before Bobbi Kristina was even born, Whitney Houston drew up a will in which she left everything she owned NOT to her husband, Bobby Brown, but to her only child, Bobbi Kristina. In 19 years, Whitney Houston did not change her will, and Bobbi Kristina is the sole heir to her fortune.

Forbes.com contributor Roger Friedman says the singer wasn’t bankrupt, and did leave behind a will to distribute her fortune. Friedman reports that, unsurprisingly, Houston’s daughter with Bobby Brown — Bobbi Kristina — will be the recipient of the funds Houston earned throughout her massively successful career, including a 2010 tour in Europe and Asia that grossed at least $35 million. Houston had also most likely received advances from deals with Sony, and her catalog is currently selling briskly in the days after her death, so the fortune, like that of many legendary celebs post-death, will continue to grow. {Source}


If you’re thinking that’s a lot of money for a 19 year old, don’t worry, Whitney Houston was also very smart, check out the details of the will when you continue…

According to reports, Houston’s money will be put in a trust — which Bobbi will have access to in stages … earning a portion when she turns 21, another chunk when she turns 25, and the rest when she turns 30.

The will was just filed today in Atlanta. Whitney signed it back in 1993, a month before she gave birth to Bobbi. {Whitney Will Leaves Everything To Bobbi Kristina}


Sorry, that just makes me tear up. Even before she was born her mother made sure she was taken care of. That pregnancy brought out the best in Whitney, including her biggest hit, I Will Always Love You. Unfortunately that now means, Bobbi Kristina will have a hard time trusting anyone’s motives.

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