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Watch Out Colonel: Flavor Flav Tries His Hand At The Fried Chicken Business

Here comes a brand new flava in your…mouth! Rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav is gonna try his hand at the restaurant business.  According to The Washington Post, Flav will be opening a restaurant in Las Vegas, that’ll be serving up fried chicken and soul food.

Aptly named Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor, the restaurant will be holding an opening ceremony this evening, just a few blocks southeast of downtown Las Vegas.  I think Flavor Flav is probably one of the more successful reality TV stars that’s around.  Can you believe it’s been six years since he first debuted Flavor Of Love on VH1? He’s like the Grandfather of Reality Dating TV.  This isn’t Flav‘s first venture into the fried chicken business.  Let’s hope this isn’t a repeat of history.  Check out what happened to his old spot, when you continue…

A short-lived franchise dubbed Flav’s Fried Chicken opened and closed last year in Clinton, Iowa.

An announcement says the Las Vegas store isn’t associated with the one in Iowa.

Hope this one works out!

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