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Are You Ready For Tupac The Musical?

While I love a great Broadway musical, I’m not sure that EVERYTHING can be (or should be) converted to a stage play.  I would file this one right here in the category of “shouldn’t” but maybe it could work…*crickets*  According to TMZ, Director Kenny Leon has written a musical that’s based off of slain rapper Tupac Shakur‘s music.


The musical isn’t about Tupac personally — it’s a fictional story about two childhood friends in a Midwestern industrial city and their extended families.

That should be pretty interesting, considering Tupac was a great story teller in his music.  Leon wanted to get the approval of Tupac‘s mother, Afeni Shakur, before moving forward with the musical.  So, what exactly did she have to say when given a preview of  the musical?

Afeni enjoyed what she saw and is reportedly “estatic” about what Leon has planned.  Casting for black rappers and white actors who can play guitar started this Sunday, so it looks like all systems go at this point.  Hmmm.  Should be something, to say the least!

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