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Celebrity Pregnancy

Pregnant Snooki Promises She Has Her Act Together

I haven’t really paid much attention to Jersey Shore star, Snooki’s pregnancy news, but I am happy to hear that she is making a commitment to having a healthy pregnancy.

According to an E! Online Exclusive, her co-star Ronnie defended Snooki against the haters.

“It’s a different Snooki. She’s doing really good. She’s not drinking. She’s got her act together and I’m really happy for her. Overnight, she’s like this wild, crazy Snooki and now she’s pregnant and engaged and growing up.She said she’s feeling good. Not too much morning sickness…She’s actually eating healthy. The fact that she likes to have a good time has nothing to do with what kind of parent she’s going to be. It’s her life and whatever’s going to make her happy at the end of the day, she has to realize that that’s what she has to do.”

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