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PICS: Jada Pinkett Smith Is A Rock Star In Case You’ve Forgotten…

Jada Pinkett-Smith aka Jada Koren is also a rock star in case you’ve forgotten. The singer/actress/manager/wife/mother revealed a few pics from a recent a photo-shoot with her rock-rap-core-metal band Wicked Wisdom, featuring band members Rio, Cameron ‘Wirm’ Grave, and Pocket Honore.  We haven’t seen a lot from the band, I imagined it’s because Jada has been so busy focusing on family and juggling her children’s careers as well as hers. I’m happy that she shared a few pics entitled, The Art of Turning 40 Series, and is returning to one her passions, music…STAY TUNED!

Check out more Jada when you continue…I heart this woman!!!

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