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Nicki Minaj Covers Complex Magazine & Talks About Music And Marriage

I think Nicki Minaj has utilized nearly every color in the ROY G BIV rainbow spectrum in her hair so far. But Nicki decides to nix any flashy colors and goes fairly minimalist with a short white bob on the cover of the 10th Anniversary edition of Complex Magazine. There’s also a pretty bold alternative cover with pop prince Justin Bieber that made me pause for a minute. It’s hard to make Nicki seem like the tame one but he did it…

In her interview, Nicki talks about making goals in her musical career and meeting her own personal expectations:

When you’re constantly exceeding your own expectations, how do you set new goals?
Doing the Super Bowl with Madonna doesn’t really change Nicki Minaj’s personal goals. My goal right now is still to put out Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, sell five million copies eventually, and tour every country in the world. That’s what I’ve been working toward. So while the world is talking about, “Oh my God, I can’t believe Nicki Minaj was at the Super Bowl!” I’m mixing and mastering my music. In my scheme of things it’s way bigger.

And, in a surprise to me, she even discusses her future and marriage plans.  I don’t see Nicki going that route, just because she’s so over the top and constantly moving that the idea of slowing down to get married and have a family seems a reach…but if there’s one thing Nicki likes to do is surprise people.  See what she said about her future love life, when you continue

This being Complex’s 10th Anniversary issue, it seems fitting to look forward to the next 10 years… Where do you think you’ll be in 2022?
In 2022, I’ll definitely be married and I’ll definitely have my two children.

Why just two?
OK, I might have three, but I do want at least one boy.

Maybe if you get a full set early, you can stop there.
No, no, no. I don’t think I even need a girl. I need a boy though.

Wait, you don’t feel like you need a girl?
Yeah, ‘cause you think I’m going to dress her up in wigs. No. [Laughs] I really need a boy in my life. A baby boy. Because…I’m so attached to my little brother and I felt like that was my real son. And boys, they’re just so, I don’t know… My heart just melts when I see them.

OK, so in the next 10 years, married…
Oh, I will definitely be married.

And two children.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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