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Nick Cannon Receives Diagnosis Plus Visits The Lupus Foundation Of America

I don’t think I ever realized how many things Nick Cannon actually does until hearing about his recent hospital visits and medical problems.  I remember him saying that his doctor advised that he ease up on everything that he does for the betterment of his health but he seems to on the go still! But hopefully it’s at a smaller level.  Nick was in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to support a new bill on internet privacy laws when he stopped by the Lupus Foundation Of America.


Nick visited with the foundation chair, Karen Evans.  He posted this picture on Twitter of the two of them yesterday.  Last week, Nick revealed that his doctors had finally come up with a diagnosis for his recent health issues. Learn about what is going with him, when you continue…

Apparently, Nick is suffering from an autoimmune disease that’s similar to Lupus.  However no one in his family has the condition, so this is new territory for him I’m sure. But it’s good to finally have an answer; nothing’s worse than being sick and not knowing what to do about it!  Learn more about Lupus at the Lupus Foundation Of America site.

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