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We love “Rue” from The Hunger Games | Amandala Stenberg is Beautiful

Have you seen “The Hunger Games” yet?

If you haven’t, don’t worry. No spoilers here… but I must comment on one actress that stuck out in particular. While every actor in the movie from Jennifer Lawrence and Lenny Kravitz delivered Oscar worthy and/or memorable performances we want to spotlight, Amandala Stenberg, the beautiful young actress who played Rue.

We won’t get into the racist backlash from young fans who were surprised that Rue was Black, but we want to feature a young actress who clearly has a bright future ahead of her. Represented by Osbrink Talent Agency, we hope to see her in many more movies to come.

I will admit, I did not read the book (even though I have all three at home), but I remember watching the movie opening night at the midnight screening and the collective gasp in the audience from the young movie goers when Rue’s character was introduced. In the New York Times best-selling book, The Hunger Games, Rue is described as a hauntingly, twelve-year-old girl from District 11 who has dark brown skin and eyes so I don’t get the surprise.

Rue’s character stayed with me the most from the movie well after I left the theaters.

If you’ve seen The Hunger Games, what did you think about the movie? What do you think about the racist backlash from movie goers surprised by the characters portrayed by Black actors in the film.

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