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Lenny Kravitz Shows Off His Incredible Body

Whoo lawd. I know folks half Lenny Kravitz‘ age that don’t look as good as he does at age 48.  Lenny sat down with his friend singer/songwriter Raphael Saadiq for an interview with Interview Magazine.  He talks about his new movie The Hunger Games, his creative process and other musings.  But what I’d like to focus on is how fine this man is.

Just…LAWD. Yes. It’s actually a great interview. Filled with great questions and facts. Do you remember when Lenny did the “Lenny Kravitz Is Angry” skit with Funny Or Die? Turns out that was actually his daughter’s idea.  Like I said, great interview…but pardon me as we  just partake of eye candy.  See the rest of Lenny’s gorgeous photos, when you continue…

Just fine for no good reason!! Check out the interview here.

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