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Jeezy Caught In Mexico Earthquake & B.O.B. Rocks Out MTV’s Spring Break in Las Vegas | MrsGrapevine.com Exclusive

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes look at MTVU’s Spring Break as rapper B.O.B. stormed the stage at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas today. He rocked out dazzling spring breakers with his guitar performance, live band and new songs from his forthcoming album, “Strange Clouds”.

Jeezy was also set to perform, but was reportedly in Mexico at the time the earthquake and according to MTV had to cancel. Sources say Jeezy is perfectly fine and will perform at MTVU’s Spring Break on Wednesday.

Also set to hit the stage was upcoming rapper was rapper Two Chainz, pictured below.

You can catch B.O.B., Jeezy, Big Sean, Two Chainz, Dev and more perform on MTV-MTVU the week of April 2nd.

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