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In a world where Twitter is a stage for both the truth and deception, we REALLY can’t be sure what someone tweets is the truth anymore. However, this doesn’t seem like a surprise to me.  Guess who just posted a picture of this ring on Twitter, with the words “He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!!“?

Amber Rose

That’s a stunning ring.  But here’s a few hints:  This couple has been dating for a little over a year, following her break-up from superstar rapper.  And even to this day, a lot of people can’t believe that this 28 year old model and this 24 year old rapper are still together and apparently head over heels about each other.  See who the happy couple is, when you continue…

It’s Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose!  Amber tweeted this picture not to long ago.  For his part, Wiz also tweeted “She Said Yes!!!”  I guess congrats are in order for the happy couple!

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