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Clay Aiken: Rihanna Has “Pitch Problems”

I’m sorry but I have to take a moment to LMAO at this. Andy Cohen might have thrusted singer Clay Aiken into a war with Rihanna and her “Navy” with this one.  Andy, host of Bravo TV‘s Watch What Happens Live questioned Clay during a segment called Plead The Fifth, in which Andy asks 3 questions and a guest can “plead the fifth” on only one answer.

Clay mans up and answers all three questions!  He plays Marry, Screw, Kill with his former American Idol judges, reveals if he has had any plastic surgery and let’s us know that, if he had to pick a current pop star that wouldn’t make it on American Idol today, it’s Rihanna. LMAO!  I mean, Andy didn’t even ask why but Clay sure as hell let us know why she wouldn’t!  Watch the clip, after the jump…

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